The next generation of hybrid solid state and all-solid-state laser radar (LiDAR) is one of the key sensors to meet the growing automotive driverless and assisted driving. The human eye safety band (>1.45um) laser wavelength has an outstanding advantage over conventional near-infrared wavelength (905nm) semiconductor lasers. With more than 15 years of technology accumulation in the field of fiber lasers, Connet Laser Technology has successfully launched the CoLID-1550 series of pulsed fiber lasers, working in the 1550nm human eye safety band, with superior performance to meet the high-end driving and assisted driving of automobiles. The demanding requirements of LIDAR system applications.

Features and benefits of the CoLID-1550 series of pulsed fiber lasers

Human eye safety band work

Compared with the traditional 905nm semiconductor laser, the 1550nm fiber laser is a LIDAR light source that works in the human eye safety band.

High peak power, flexible and adjustable pulse repetition frequency

CoLID-1550 series pulsed fiber lasers output peak power can be from hundreds of watts up to 30 kW, pulse repetition rate from 1 kHz to 3 MHz, or adjustable, suitable for LIDAR systems with different working distances, users can get more abundant point clouds Information for high definition 3D scan imaging.

Single mode output, near beam diffraction output beam quality

The CoLID-1550 series of pulsed fiber lasers enable true single-mode fiber output, near-diffraction-limited output beam quality, and users can obtain smaller divergence angle (DA) output laser beams for high-precision automotive LIDAR system sensors.

Narrow pulse width, high spatial resolution

The pulse width of the CoLID-1550 series pulsed fiber lasers is adjustable or selectable from 0.5ns to 250ns to meet the high spatial resolution requirements of LIDAR systems for driverless and assisted safe driving.

Compact and rugged package, easy to integrate with multiple package platforms

CoLID-1550 series pulsed fiber laser package is small in size and can be supplied in various package sizes such as cylindrical and rectangular. It can provide multiple outputs according to customer requirements. It is rugged and reliable, low power consumption, and easy to integrate and distribute automotive LIDAR system.

Ultra-wide operating temperature range, high reliability

CoLID-1550 series pulsed fiber lasers have an operating temperature range of -40 degrees to +65 degrees. The product meets the demanding environmental performance requirements of automotive laser radar systems through vibration and shock tests.