Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) is on the basis of ROTDR technology, short nano-second (1-50ns normally) 1550nm band optical pulse is widely used for DTS system.

Connet Laser Technology make high reliable, high performance 1550nm and 1064nm ns pulsed fiber laser for DTS system, the lasers feature high peak power, really singlemode beam quality, without non-linear effects such as SBS.

BOTDR or BOTDA sensing system asks for high precision, low noise, narrow linewidth single frequency fiber lasers, Connet single frequency fiber laser are very good candidate for such an applications.

Fiber laser hydrophone is a promising technology for underwater sensing, Connet DFB single frequency fiber laser may be used a sensor unit for hydrophone array.


1064nm Pulsed Fiber Laser for DTS

1550nm Pulsed Fiber Laser for DTS

CoSF-D Single Frequency Fiber Laser

CoSF-SC Single Frequency Semiconductor Laser