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Fiber Bragg Grating


Connet independently develops and manufactures fiber Bragg gratings, mastering key processes and technologies such as fiber hydrogen loading, fiber grating writing, packaging and testing. Manufacture high-quality fiber Bragg grating products for high-power CW and/or pulsed fiber lasers, single frequency fiber lasers, ultra-narrow-band fiber filters, and dispersion compensation.

Double-Clad Fiber Grating for Fiber Laser Cavity Mirror 

High reflectivity fiber grating and low reflectivity fiber grating are used together as a resonant cavity mirror of fiber laser. Chirped fiber Bragg grating technology is usually used. The reflectivity of high-reflectivity fiber gratings is generally greater than 99.5%, and the reflectivity of low-reflectivity fiber gratings is generally 10-20%. Connet can make this kind of fiber grating on all commonly used double cladding fibers. The core diameter of the fiber is from 5um to 30um, and the cladding diameter is from 125um to 500um. The working band covers 1.0um, 1.5um and 2.0um. The maximum power capacity can reach more than 3kW such as CFBGs in 20/400 or 25/400 double cladding fiber with high power packaging.


Phase-Shifted Fiber Grating  

Connet can make phase-shifted fiber Bragg gratings on rare-earth doped gain fibers or passive fibers. Such gratings can be used in single-frequency fiber lasers or narrow-band fiber filters.
Connet's unique temperature compensation package and temperature control technology are used to stabilize or tune the wavelength of the phase-shifted fiber grating, so that it has excellent performance.

Ultra-Narrow Band Fiber Filter 

The π phase shifted fiber grating and F-P FBG designed and manufactured by Connet can be used for ultra-narrowband fiber filters, and the FWHM can be less than 10MHz, which cannot be achieved by other technologies.