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High Power Fiber Laser and Amplifier

Connet develops high power CW and pulsed fiber lasers and amplifiers for 1.0um, 1.5um and 2.0um band, target applications are including high energy laser systems, medical laser as well as industrial laser processing.

1.0um band high power fiber laser and amplifier
Connet develops narrow linewidth high power continuous and pulsed fiber laser systems, such as single-frequency fiber laser seed sources, LiNbO3 phase modulation spectral broadening, active polarization control, and high-power fiber amplifiers. Narrow linewidth and high power fiber laser system up to kW level, linear polarization or random polarization output, near-diffraction limit output beam quality, that can be used for high power and high energy laser systems for spectral combination and coherent combination.

1.5um band high power fiber laser and amplifier
Connet can provide 1.5um band high power single frequency polarization maintaining fiber laser system, using MOPA structure design, the seed laser is a single frequency fiber laser, the output power can be up to 50W, and the line width is in the order of kHz. Connet uses a unique stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) suppression technology.
Connet can provide 1.5um band continuous output wide spectrum fiber laser with power up to 100W even higher.

2.0um band high power fiber laser and amplifier
Connet's FBG technology platform can provide laser cavity mirror chirped fiber Bragg grating for thulium-doped fiber lasers in the 1.9-2.05um band. Based on direct resonant cavity or MOPA technology, Connet can provide continuous thulium-doped fiber lasers with output powers up to 100W.
CoSF-R or CoSF-D single-frequency fiber laser can work in the 2.0um band. Connet adopts MOPA structure design to provide users with single-frequency fiber laser system with output power up to 50-100W.