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Key Component

Connet has world-class fiber processing platforms and technologies, such as fiber cutting, fiber fusion and splicing, and fiber re-coating. It can perform precision processing on almost all commercial optical fibers, such as optical fiber tapers and optical fiber end caps. At Connet, we independently develop and manufacture some key fiber optic components for fiber laser and fiber amplifier systems. Thanks to many years of experience in the development of single frequency fiber lasers and the ability to encapsulate fiber Bragg gratings, Connet can provide some high-quality key fiber components upon demands.

Polarization-Maintaining Fiber Jumper
Connet manufactures high precision, low excess loss, high polarization extinction ratio (PER) polarization maintaining fiber jumpers, FC / APC and FC / UPC fiber connectors. Polarization maintaining fibers are available from single-mode to large mode area (LMA), and the operating band is from 350nm 2100nm. Each polarization maintaining optical fiber jumper is fully tested before leaving the factory.

High-Power Fiber Optic Components
Connet has more than ten years of rich experience in processing double-clad fiber and high power laser transmission. It can produce high power mode field adapter (MFA), cladding power stripper (CPS), pump combiner (Combiner), high power optical fiber end cap (Endcap), etc.

Fiber-Coupled AOM and Balanced Photoreceiver

Fiber-coupled AOM and Balanced Photoreceiver are usually used for optical pulse generation and Doppler shift signal reception of coherent LiDAR systems. Connet provides a comprehensive range of fiber lasers and fiber amplifier products for coherent Doppler LiDAR systems.
LiNbO3 optical amplitude (intensity) modulator and optical phase modulator will also be used to generate short nanosecond optical pulses or phase modulation of single frequency laser, Connet can provide a complete solution. For example, the generation of optical pulses, broadening of spectral modulation, high power amplifiers, etc.