The main markets served by Connet include distributed fiber sensing, coherent LiDAR, incoherent LiDAR, laser medical, industrial laser,coherent laser communication, gas analysis sensing, high power fiber laser, cold atom physics, test & measurement and scientific research


Laser and Amplifier for Coherent LiDAR

Connet develops single frequency fiber lasers and amplifiers for continuous and pulsed coherent LiDAR

Pulsed Fiber Laser for TOF LiDAR

Connet CoLID series pulsed fiber lasers are ideal laser sources for TOF LiDAR, such as 3D laser scanner

Fiber Laser for Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS)

Connet CoSF-D single frequency fiber laser is the best choice for coherent detection distributed acoustic sensor (DAS) such as phase sensitive OTDR.

High Power Thulium-doped Fiber Laser

Connet develops CW and pulsed high power Thulium-doped Fiber Laser for medical and industrial applications.

High Power FBG for Fiber Laser Cavity Mirror

Connet develops high power double cladding fiber chirped FBG for fiber laser cavity, power handling capability up to 3kW.

Ultra-stable ASE module for high-end Application

Connet compact ASE module features low RIN, very high average wavelength stability and power stability with large range of temperature.

Connet Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

About Connet

Connet Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing cutting-edge technology and future development products and services for scientific research and production applications in the fields of LIDAR, fiber optic sensing, laser communication, and high power high energy laser. In single-frequency fiber lasers, short-pulse laser generation, pulse shaping and amplification have proprietary intellectual property and unique products...


18 Jan 2024

2024 SPIE•PHOTONICS WEST Date: 30 January–1 February 2024 Venue: The Moscone Center, San Francisco, California, USA Booth#: 1169 Connet will attend 2024 SPIE•PHOTONICS WEST. Please visit Connet