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Connet develops a variety of fiber laser and fiber amplifier products for fiber sensing system to meet various application requirements.


Distributed Temperature Sensor (DTS)

Connet 1550nm and 1064nm nanosecond pulsed fiber laser can provide short pulse output of 0.5ns-50ns, with adjustable pulse repetition frequency and peak power from tens of watts to tens of kilowatts. These low-cost pulsed fiber laser modules have superior performance, solid package and can adapt to the harsh working environment.


Distributed Optical Fiber Temperature and Strain Sensor (DTSS)

The high reliability ASE light source developed by connet has the characteristics of flat spectrum output, high wavelength stability, low degree of polarization (DOP) and wide operating temperature range. It is an ideal light source for FBG sensing system.


Compared with semiconductor laser, CoSF-D low noise single frequency fiber laser has lower phase noise and frequency noise, which is beneficial to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of BOTDR and BOTDA fiber distributed sensing system. Connet also provides LiNbO3 electro-optic modulator (EOM) and acousto-optic modulator (AOM) for generating high-quality optical pulses, and low-noise fiber amplifier for improving optical power level.


Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS)

CoSF-D-ER-M and CoSF-D-EY-M low noise single frequency fiber lasers are the most ideal light sources for phase sensitive OTDR systems. Their extremely low phase noise is conducive to improving the detection sensitivity of Das systems. Connet further reduces the overall noise level of CoSF-D single frequency laser by using the special RIN suppression technology.


Connet also provides an overall light source solution for the φ - OTDR system, such as the generation of tens of nanosecond optical pulses through the acousto-optic modulator (AOM) or semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA), and the low-noise optical amplifier is used to improve the optical power level.


Optical Frequency Domain Reflector (OFDR)

The CoSF-D low noise narrow linewidth single frequency fiber laser has the function of PZT fast wavelength modulation, which can realize the output of LFMCW, and the modulation bandwidth can reach more than 10 GHz. It is suitable for the optical frequency domain reflector (OFDR) system and the short-range high sensitivity distance measurement.



LFMCW LiDAR is usually used in high-end measurement systems, such as auto driving, advanced driving aid system (ADAS), high-precision laser 3D scanner, high-precision laser rangefinder, short-range wind speed measurement system, aircraft landing speed and distance measurement system, etc. CoSF-D low noise narrow linewidth single frequency fiber laser is the best choice for FMCW LiDAR, thanks to its very low phase noise and frequency noise. It has the function of PZT fast wavelength modulation, which can realize the output of LFMCW, and the modulation bandwidth can reach more than 10GHz. The modulation bandwidth of tens of GHz can be realized by LiNbO3 light modulator. Connet's high power and low noise fiber amplifier can achieve power output up to tens of watts, which is suitable for long-distance LFMCW LiDAR system.