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Connet Attends the LASER World of PHOTONICS MUNICH 2023



As the World's Leading Trade Fair with Congress for Photonic components, Systems and Applications, the LASER World of PHOTONICS Munich will be held in Messe München, Germany from June 27-30, 2023. Connet will attend the laser show with some new products.

In this exhibition, Connet will mainly display the single frequency fiber lasers for quantum technology and the QCW thulium-doped fiber lasers for lithotripsy and BPH applications.

Quantum technology is a research hotspot nowadays, including quantum computing and simulation, quantum communication, quantum precision measurement and other fields. Cooling atoms by laser is one of the effective means to study Quantum technology. Different types of atoms need to be captured and cooled by lasers with different wavelengths. Connet has an extensive line of single frequency fiber lasers, covering the 1.0um, 1.5um and 2.0um bands. The short-wavelength (500nm-900nm) single frequency laser outputs can be made via the frequency combining and frequency doubling technology, enabling the atomic cooling possible, like the 780nm single frequency laser for rubidium atom cooling, 509nm, 852nm single frequency lasers for cesium atom cooling, and 679nm, 689nm, 707nm, and 813nm single frequency lasers for strontium atom cooling.

The typical wavelength of Connet QCW thulium-doped fiber laser is 1940nm with the peak power up to 650W. This 2um QCW fiber laser can achieve the high peak pulse output of over 600W in the full pulse width range (0.04-50ms) without pulse distortion. The nearly ideal square wave pulse output can be guaranteed even under the millisecond (ms) long pulse operation. The laser adopts the modular design with compact structure, air-cooling mode, small volume and low power consumption. It’s very convenient for system integration. This laser can be used in biomedicine, industrial processing, scientific research and other fields. It is especially suitable for resection, ablation, vaporization, coagulation and hemostasis in urology, urinary lithotripsy and the general surgeries.

For more product information, welcome to our booth A2-534/3.