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1940nm CW Fiber Laser

Connet Laser Technology Co., Ltd.2018-07-31

Connet 2.0um (GHz) series of CW fiber lasers use the Master Oscillator Power-Amplifier (MOPA) structure or the direct resonator cavity structure design to achieve the high power output. The generally adopted pumps are the semiconductor or fiber lasers in the bands of 793nm and 1570nm. The output polarization can be linear or random. This laser is suitable for the applications of device testing, medical treatment, remote sensing, LiDAR and mid-infrared pumping, etc. with the typical operating wavelengths of 1908nm, 1940nm, 1950nm, 2004nm and 2050nm, etc.

The 2.0um (GHz) series of CW fiber lasers employ the microprocessor-based control system with stable performance and maintenance-free operation. The benchtop laser can display the output power, the temperature and other working status in real time through the LCD on the front panel, and also can provide the alarm information in time. This laser system is with clear interface and easy operation.

● Medical treatment
● Mid-infrared pump source
● Device testing
● Plastic material processing
● Nonlinear effect study
● Other Scientific research

● High output power: up to 40W
● Good beam quality
● Stable power, Reliable performance 
● Optional linear polarization output
● Air-cooling integrated design (water-cooling optional)
● All-fiber design


Parameter Unit


Min Typ. Max
Part no.   VFLS-1940-B
Center wavelength nm 1940nm +/-1nm
Output power W 1 - 40
Mode of operation   CW
Beam quality M2  -  - 1.2
Spectral width (FWHM) nm - 0.5 1
Side-mode suppression ratio (SMSR) dB 20 30 -
Polarization   Random (Linear Polarization Optional)
Polarization extinction ratio (Linear polarization output) dB 13 - -
Output power stability1 (8hrs) % - ±1 ±2
Output isolator   Optional
Output power tunable range % 10   100
Operating temperature 0 - +35
Storage temperature -40 - +85
Supply voltage VAC 100~240
Cooling mode   Air-cooling (Water-cooling Optional)
Output fiber type   SM-GDF-10/130-15M
Output fiber length m >0.5
Output fiber connector   FC/APC or Collimator
Dimension mm 510x480x150

Product Information and Test Equipment:

Product Name
1940nm Fiber Laser
1 set
Main Test Equipmen
Power Meter (OPHIR NOVAⅡ)
Spectrum Analyzer  (yokogava AQ6375)

Test Environment and Power Supply:

Technical Data
Power Supply
220VAC 50HZ
working Temperature
Test Temperature
Ambient Humidity
Warm-up Time

Schematic Diagram of Test:

Measured Spectrum: