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1250-1650nm High Power SLD(SLED)Broadband Light Source

Connet Laser Technology Co., Ltd.2018-08-06

The VENUS series 1250-1650nm high power SLD (SLED) broadband light source of connet is a high-stability light source designed for scientific research and industrial production; covering  wavelength range of 1250-1650nm. The output power and spectral range have a very large selection range to meet the requirements of different application areas of customers. The advanced microprocessor control system, combined with high-precision ATC and ACC (APC) control circuits, achieves a highly stable output of the laser while ensuring a fast and intuitive light source control. Connet can also provide corresponding communication interface and control software to realize computer control according to user requirements.

In view of the particularity of SLD (SLED) lasers, The VENUS series SLD (SLED) light source of Connet has taken special protection measures in circuit design and optical path processing, which avoids the sudden change of current and voltage and the damage of the reflected light to the SLD (SLED) laser, ensuring long-term, safe and stable operation of the light source.

The VENUS series SLD (SLED) light source of Connet is a highly integrated benchtop system light source with high-definition LCD display, and can synchronously display current and voltage. The output power is tunable. It is ideal for experimental scientific research and industrial production.

• Fiber optic component testing
• Fiber optic sensing
• Optical Coherence Chromatography (OCT)
• Biochemical medical imaging
• Other research areas

• Output power up to 10mW
• Wavelength range: 1250-1650nm
• Multiple security measures
• High stability and high reliability
• LCD status display
• High precision ACC and ATC control circuits

Test Data

Test data
Output power1
Spectrum flatness(1250-1650nm)
Output power stability@15mins
Return loss
>45 dB
Operating wavelength
Working temperature
0℃ ~ 35℃ 
Storage temperture
-40℃ ~ +85℃ 
Type of output fiber
Output connector
Length of output fiber
1 m
Ouput spectrum
Refer to figure 2.

Notice: The output power is measured with connector.


Product Information and Test Equipment:

Product Name
SLD broadband light source
1 set
Main Test Equipment
Power Meter  (coherent:FieldMaxII-TO-PM30)


Test Environment and Power Supply:

Technical Data
Power Supply
220VAC 50HZ
working Temperature
Test Temperature
Ambient Humidity
Warm-up Time

Schematic Diagram of Test


Output power stability @ 15mins


Figure 3: Output power stability @ 15mins

Output power stability @8hrs 

Figure 4: Output power stability @ 8hrs

Ordering information:

· VSLS-1250~1650-B-<PW>-<SP>

· PW: Output power in mW. For example: 1-1mW, 10-10mW

· SP: Output isolator.  0-No, 1- Yes