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980nm High Power Single-mode Pump Laser Source (up to 1.5W)

Connet Laser Technology Co., Ltd.2018-09-17

Connet VENUS series 980nm High Power Single-mode Pump Laser Source adopts the polarization maintaining semiconductor lasers with FBG wavelength stabilization in the 980nm band. These fiber lasers employ the polarization multiplexing to realize the high power single mode output with the output power up to 1.5W. Based on the advanced microprocessor control system and integrating the combination of uniquely designed high-precision ATC and APC circuits, the laser source can achieve the high stability laser output and guarantee the quick and intuitive control at the same time. Connet also can provide the corresponding communication interface and control software to realize computer control according to users' requirements.

The VENUS series 980nm High Power Single-mode Pump Laser Source of Connet is a high-performance pump light source specially designed for high power low noise optical fiber amplifier, mode-locked fiber laser and other related applications. As the ASE light generated by the active fiber is easy to damage the pump laser, Connet provides a targeted pump protection scheme to further enhance the safety of the pump light source.

Connet 980nm High Power Single-mode Pump Laser Source is a highly integrated benchtop light source with high-definition LDC display, continuous adjustable output power, and the synchronously displayed current and voltage. It is an ideal source for experimental scientific research and production tests. For system integration, Connet also can provide the compact modular package upon requests.


• High power SM output: up to 1.5W
• FBG wavelength-locked, no shift
• ASE feedback protection
• Stable output, continuously adjustable
• LCD display
• High-precision ACC and ATC control circuits

• High power and low noise EDFA
• Mode- locked fiber laser
• Yb-doped fiber amplifier
• Test and measurement
• Nonlinear effect study
• Other lab applications

Main Test Data:


Test Result

Output Power1


Center Wavelength


Operating Temperature

0℃ ~ 50

Storage temperature

-40 ~ +85

Output Fiber Type


Output Fiber Connector


Output Fiber Length


Output Spectrum

Fig. 1

*Notes: 1. The output power is measured with connector.

Product Information and Test Equipment:


980nm High Power Single-mode Pump Laser Source



Main Test Equipment

Power Meter (Coherent FieldMaxII-TO-PM30)

OSA (Optical Spectrum Analyzer)

 (Anritsu MS9710)

Test Environment and Power Supply:



Power Supply

100~240VAC, 50/60Hz

Operating Temperature

0℃ ~ 50℃

Test Temperature




Warm-up Time



Schematic Diagram of Test:

Measured Spectrum:

Fig. 1 Output Spectrum