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1064nm Externally Modulated Nanosecond Long Pulse Laser Source

Connet Laser Technology Co., Ltd.2018-12-26

Connet 1064nm externally modulated nanosecond (ns) long pulse laser source produces the optical pulses from tens of ns to us level through an external modulator such as an acousto-optic modulator (AOM). This laser source is generally used for longer nanosecond (ns) pulse, such as hundreds of ns. The seed laser can be a semiconductor laser or a fiber laser. The way to generate the pulse via the external modulator can maintain the optical spectrum and the frequency spectrum characteristics of the seed laser and the optical pulse quality is excellent. This laser is suitable for the occasion with high demands for pulse, e.g. single frequency narrow linewidth pulsed fiber laser.

Connet has strong technical strength in the field of nanosecond (ns) pulsed fiber lasers and has a deep understanding on the key technologies of pulse generation, shaping, high power amplification and the nonlinear effect suppression such as stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS), stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) and four-wave mixing (FWM). The operating wavelengths can cover 0.5um, 1.0um, 1.5um and 2.0um.

• Operating wavelength: 1064nm
• Peak power: up to 50W
• Hundreds of ns, High-quality optical pulse
• AOM modulation, High pulse extinction ratio
• Single frequency, Narrow linewidth

• Seed laser for fiber laser
• Optical fiber sensing
• Coherent communication
• Other scientific research

Main Test Data:


Test Result

Input Power (CW)


Input Spectrum (CW)

See Fig. 2

Output Average Power @500ns/200kHz


Output Peak Power @500ns/200kHz


Output Pulse Waveform

See Fig. 3

Operating Temperature Range

0℃~ 30℃

Storage Temperature Range

-40℃~ +85℃

Input Fiber/Connector Type


Output Fiber/Connector Type

PLMA-GDF-25/250, Bare fiber

Output Spectrum

See Fig. 4


Product Information and Main Test Equipment:


1064nm Externally Modulated Nanosecond Long Pulse Laser Source





Main Test Equipment

1064nm Single Frequency PM Seed Laser Source   (S/N: 201410011-1)

Power Meter (Coherent FieldMaxII-TO)

Spectrometer (Anritsu MS9710)



      AOM (Built-in)


Test Environment and Power Supply:



Power Supply

220VAC, 50Hz

Operating Temperature


Test Temperature




Warm-up Time


Schematic Diagram of Test:

Fig. 1 Schematic Diagram of Simultaneous Measurement for Power and Spectrum


Fig. 2 Measured Input Spectrum



Fig. 3 Output Pulse Waveform @ 500ns/200kHz


Fig. 4 Measured Output Spectrum

1. The amplifier has a built-in acousto-optic modulator with the fixed pulse width of 500ns and the fixed repetition frequency at 200kHz. The input light is a continuous light. It is recommended to use the input light of > 30mW. The above tests are done under the input light of 50mW.
2. The output fiber is the bare fiber. The tests should be performed with an oblique octave.
3. Before turning on the amplifier, please confirm that the input light source is normally connected.
4. When turning off the amplifier, please do not shut down the power directly and should slowly reduce the power to the minimum and then turn it off.