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1.0um High Power Single Frequency Polarization Maintaining Fiber Amplifier (50W)

Connet Laser Technology Co., Ltd.2018-09-04

The MARS series 1.0um high power single frequency polarization maintaining fiber amplifier of Connet is specially designed for the ultra-narrow linewidth single frequency laser source, such as the fiber laser based on the principle of DFB or DBR. This type of amplifier has the capability of boosting the low power optical signal at kHz level up to 100W output power and meanwhile preserving the spectral property of the input signal. The MARS series amplifiers use the high power, high-performance, multi-mode pumps internally, employ the technology of double cladding fiber amplification, and have the integrated design in all polarization-maintaining fiber structure. The output power can be continuously tunable. The MARS series benchtop fiber amplifier is the integral Turn-key system with the microprocessor inside for controlling. The front panel is equipped with the switch to start the laser, the LCD to display the state of the power and the knob to adjust the output power.

With the rich experience in handling the double cladding fiber, Connet conducts the proper optimal design for the high power polarization maintaining fiber amplifiers to achieve the high efficiency output and suppress the nonlinear effects of the fiber at the same time. The unique thermal treatment technology guarantees that the benchtop fiber amplifier can be operated stably for a long time. The high-speed response protection circuit monitors the power of the input and the output signals automatically so that it can cut down the operation of the high power pump in case of the falling off of the input signal to ensure the safety of the whole system.

Connet MARS series high power benchtop single frequency polarization maintaining fiber amplifier utilizes the unique polarization control technology and the leading polarization-maintaining fiber fusion process to guarantee the stable linear polarization output at high power. This amplifier can be widely used in scientific research, coherent combining, coherent detection and sensing system, etc.

• High output power
• Low noise figure
• Turn-key system
• All PM fiber structure, High PER
• High stability, high reliability

• Coherent detection
• Coherent combining
• Atomic trapping
• Fiber sensing system
• High efficiency laser frequency doubling

Main Test Data:


Test Result

Seed Laser Linewidth


Input Power 1


Output Power1

50.1W (Max power: up to 100W)

Input Fiber Type

PM980-XP, 3mm PVC jacket

Input Fiber Connector


Output Fiber Type

PLMA-GDF-25/400-M, 3mm PVC jacket

Output Fiber Connector


Input Fiber Length


Output Fiber Length


Input Isolation


Output Power Stability


Polarization Extinction Ratio (PER)


Input Spectrum

See Fig. 1

Output Spectrum

See Fig. 2

Output Beam Quality (M2)


Cooling Mode


Output Power Tunability


Notes:The output power is measured with the fiber connector.

Product Information:


1.0um High Power Single Frequency Polarization Maintaining Fiber Amplifier





Main Test Equipment

Seed Laser (Connet)

Power Meter (OPHIR, NOVA II)

OSA (Optical Spectrum Analyzer)

(Anritsu MS9710)


Test Environment and Power Supply:



Power Supply

220VAC/6A, 50Hz

Storage Temperature

00C ~ +500C

Test Temperature




Schematic Diagram of Test:

Measured Spectrum:

Fig. 1 Input Spectrum

Fig. 2 Output Spectrum