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Acousto-optic modulation is a physical process that uses the acousto-optic effect to load information on an optical frequency carrier. The modulation signal acts on the electro-acoustic transducer in the form of an electrical signal (amplitude modulation), which is then converted into The ultrasonic field that changes in the form of an electrical signal, when the light wave passes through the acousto-optic medium, due to the acousto-optic effect, the optical carrier is modulated and becomes an intensity modulated wave carrying information.

The CoAOM series fiber-coupled acousto-optic modulator module provided by Connet adopts polarization-maintaining fiber-coupled input and output. It has a high pulse turn-off ratio, a small module size, and an integrated radio frequency (RF) driver. Suitable for phase sensitive OTDR, coherent Doppler LiDAR, etc.
Fiber-coupled AOM
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