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Connet's VENUS series 1.0um high-stability ASE light source, which uses an optimized Ytterbium-doped fiber laser optical path, with a Telecom grade 980nm band single-mode pump laser, to achieve high performance output; based on advanced microprocessor based control system, Combined with the high-precision ATC and ACC (APC) control circuits, the laser is output with high stability, and at the same time, the control of the light source is fast and intuitive.

Connet's VENUS series high stability ASE light source has a highly stable output, and the long-term output power stability is even better than one percent. Connet's unique high stability control circuit and thermal control design provide a guarantee for VENUS's stable output.

Connet's high stability ASE light source structure is available in miniaturized modules, standardized modules, and 2U-A desktop chassis, which can meet the application needs of different customers. Among them, the 2U-A desktop chassis-type ASE light source uses a high definition LCD display to display key parameters. Connet's high stability ASE light source is very suitable for scientific research laboratory applications and optical device production testing, such as fiber Bragg gratings (FBG).

1.0um ASE Light Source