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Connet CoSF-R low noise single frequency fiber laser adopts a unique "optimized traveling wave cavity" design, which eliminates the standing wave spatial hole burning phenomenon that is prone to linear cavity fiber lasers. A specially designed ultra-narrow bandwidth fiber filter is used to select the single longitudinal mode output ensures single frequency operation of the fiber laser. At the same time, it uses a unique polarization control technology to eliminate the polarization hole burning effect on the basis of the all-fiber design, thereby achieving stable linear polarization, single frequency laser output with ultra-narrow linewidth.

CoSF-R ultra-low noise ultra-narrow linewidth single frequency fiber laser has excellent performance, the output optical spectrum linewidth is far less than 1kHz, has ultra-low phase noise and frequency noise, low relative intensity noise (RIN), thanks to a longer fiber laser cavity and ultra-long photon lifetime, its comprehensive noise level is lower than that of other single frequency fiber lasers.

CoSF-R adopts a uniquely designed high strength package to ensure that the fiber laser module can better adapt to different application environments. It can achieve stable single frequency single longitudinal mode output under the influence of external conditions such as temperature changes, vibration, shock, etc., without mode hopping phenomenon.

CoSF-R-YB-M is based on Ytterbium-doped fiber, and the operating wavelength range can be selected from 1010 to 1120nm, and the typical line width is far less than 1kHz.