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Mode Field Adapter (MFA) is usually used in cascaded high-power fiber amplifier systems, such as high-power fiber lasers designed with MOPA structure, such amplifiers usually use large mode field area (LMA) fiber. In order to obtain good output beam quality, in addition to properly coiling the LMA fiber to "filter out" the higher order mode (HOM), the quality of the injection mode is also critical. Mode Field Adapter (MFA) is used to match the basic mode (LP01) from single-mode fiber to LMA fiber to ensure low-loss transmission of the basic mode.

With a deep understanding of the LMA fiber mode field and industry-leading fiber processing equipment, Connet develops and manufactures a variety of mode field adapters (MFA). The fiber types include PM fiber and Non-PM fiber.

Depending on the type of fiber used, the operating wavelength of the mode field adapter (MFA) includes the 1.0um, 1.5um, and 2.0um bands. Please contact our sales team to discuss your actual requirements. 
Mode Field Adapter
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