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Connet CoSF-D narrow linewidth single frequency fiber laser is a low-noise single frequency fiber laser independently developed by patent technology. It adopts distributed feedback Bragg grating (DFB) fiber laser technology and has independent intellectual property rights. The single frequency fiber laser It has a stable single polarization, single longitudinal mode, ultra-narrow linewidth single frequency laser output.

For the relaxation oscillation peak of the single frequency fiber laser, Connet uses the relative intensity noise (RIN) suppression technology outside the cavity to ensure the low noise operation of the CoSF-D single frequency fiber laser.

The CoSF-D single frequency fiber laser has excellent performance, with very low phase noise and frequency noise. The basic module of the CoSF-D narrow linewidth single frequency fiber laser has a small size, a sturdy package, and strong anti-interference ability. The output power can reach 50mW the above.

The CoSF-D-EY-M module is based on Erbium-Ytterbium co-doped fiber, and the operating wavelength range can be selected from 1530 to 1570nm, and the typical line width is less than 15kHzrelatively low phase and frequency noise, lower relative intensity noise (RIN).