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Connet MARS series high-power desktop single-frequency polarization-maintaining fiber amplifiers are power amplifiers specially designed for ultra-narrow linewidth, single-frequency signal light (such as fiber lasers based on DFB and DBR principles). This amplifier can amplify the low-power optical signal in the order of kHz to an output power of up to 100W, and can well maintain the spectral characteristics of the input signal light. MARS series amplifiers use high-power, high-performance multi-mode pump sources, double-clad fiber amplification technology, integrated design of full polarization-maintaining structure, and continuously adjustable output power. The MARS series desktop optical fiber amplifier is a complete Turn-Key system, which is controlled by a microprocessor. The front panel is equipped with a laser start switch, a power status LCD display, and an output power adjustment knob.

Connet specializes in optimizing the design of high-power polarization-maintaining fiber amplifiers with its rich double-clad fiber processing experience to achieve high-efficiency output while suppressing the nonlinear effects of the fiber. The unique heat treatment process ensures the long-term stable operation of desktop fiber amplifiers. The designed high-speed response protection circuit automatically monitors the input optical signal power and output power to ensure that the high-power pumping work is quickly cut off when the input optical signal drops, ensuring the safety of the entire system.

Connet MARS series of high-power desktop single-frequency polarization-maintaining fiber amplifiers use unique polarization control technology and leading polarization-maintaining fiber fusion splicing process to ensure stable linear polarization output under high power conditions.

Connet MARS series high-power desktop polarization-maintaining fiber amplifiers can be widely used in scientific research, coherent synthesis, coherent detection and sensing systems, etc.