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High Quality Cladding Power Stripper

Connet high quality cladding power stripper has unique optical properties. This device can absorb the light transmitted in the inner cladding of the double-clad fiber. In double-clad fiber, all the light transmitted in the optical waveguide formed by the inner cladding with large numerical aperture (>/=0.46) and the fiber core with the small numerical aperture (up to 0.06) can be ‘absorbed’ by the cladding power stripper and meanwhile the signal light transmitted in the fiber core can be well maintained including the signal light power and the beam quality factor (M2 ).

The high quality cladding power stripper of Connet is the ideal device for the double-clad fiber laser/fiber amplifier to remove the residual pump light in the cladding, the ASE light leaking from the fiber core into the inner cladding and the higher-order mode signal light. This document only shows the specifications of the standard cladding power strippers. Connet also can customize the products with different fiber types according to customers’ requirements.  If you have specific requirements, please contact Connet. 





High Power CPS

Medium Power CPS

Part no.




Operating wavelength



Input/output fiber type


Nufern LMA-GDF-20/400-M

Numerical Aperture (NA)



Min. stripping rate



Max. stripping power




Max. temperature rise coefficient








Mechanical Design and Mounting Dimension (Unit: mm):

Fig. 1 High Power CPS                                                Fig. 2 Medium Power CPS


· The cladding power stripper is incapable of storing higher power. Please Install it on an actively cooled cooling plate and fill the gap between the stripper and the cooling plate with the thermally conductive material to reduce thermal resistance.

· The cladding power stripper has a certain directionality. Please use it in the direction marked in the product label.

· The fiber inside the cladding power stripper is specially treated. Please do not touch it.

· Connet can provide customization service upon request. Please contact Connet with special requirements.


Ordering information:


· XX/XXX: Fiber core diameter/Cladding diameter, e.g. 10/125, 20/400

· YYY: Fiber core numerical Aperture, e.g. 065: NA=0.065

· ZZ: Package, LP: Low power stainless steel tube package; MP: Medium power metal box package, air-cooling

                       HP:High power metal box package, air-cooling;XP:High power metal box package, water-cooling

· LL/LL: Input/output fiber length 05: 0.5m, 10: 1.0m

  e.g. 05/10: Input fiber length 0.5m, output fiber length 1.0m


· Bear high power

· High power absorption

· Minimum signal power loss

· Meet RoHS standards


· High power fiber laser

· MOPA-structure high power fiber amplifier

· Multistage double-clad fiber amplifier

· Other scientific research

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