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Connet Fiber Laser Mirror FBG uses a classic UV laser combined phase mask writing process, designed for high-power continuous and pulsed fiber lasers, suitable for single-mode fiber to large mode field area (LMA) fiber, withstand power capacity up to 3kW .

Fiber Laser Mirror FBG is usually used in pairs, consisting of high-reflective grating (HR: High Reflector) and low-reflective grating (LR: Low Reflector), where the low-reflective grating is used to select the operating wavelength of the fiber laser, also known as output coupling (OC: Output Coupler), using chirped phase mask technology, Connet can provide different bandwidths for different users, and accurately match the high and low reflection gratings.

With the deep understanding and rich experience of double-clad fiber and fiber laser technology, the high-power double-clad fiber grating pair provided by Connet has the following outstanding features:
• Extremely low temperature rise slope efficiency, suitable for high power work
• Optimized design of low-reflective grating to reduce reverse light leakage of high-reflective grating
• Excellent reflection / transmission line shape, raising the threshold of stimulated Raman scattering (SRS)

For different application requirements, Connet can provide high-power encapsulated and re-coated high-power double-clad fiber gratings.