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Connet mainly focuses on single-frequency fiber lasers with single-frequency, ultra-narrow linewidth, low noise, linear polarization, single-mode and near-diffraction-limited output beam quality, low-power and high-power continuous operation. This type of CW Fiber Laser product is usually based on MOPA type structure design. The seed laser adopts CoSF-D or CoSF-R type low noise narrow linewidth single frequency fiber laser (kHz) and semiconductor laser (MHz). Cascaded low-noise fiber amplifiers are used to increase output power levels.

Connet 1.0um CW Fiber Laser has a rich product line with power ranging from hundreds of milliwatts to kilowatts to meet different application needs. Among them, high-power fiber lasers with a linewidth of the order of GHz use single-frequency fiber lasers combined with LiNbO3 optical phase modulators to perform spectral broadening. The purpose is to greatly increase the threshold of stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS). In order to achieve a narrow linewidth continuous fiber amplifier on the order of several kilowatts.

Connet can develop CW fiber lasers with high polarization extinction ratio and linear polarization operation, based on full polarization maintaining fiber design, or based on active polarization control technology, which can achieve stable linear polarization output through Non-PM fiber amplifiers Extinction Ratio.

Of course, Connet can provide CW fiber lasers with wide spectrum (several nm) output according to customer requirements.