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The CoSF-D single-frequency fiber laser adopts the "distributed feedback straight cavity type (DFB)" design. It produces high-precision phase-shifted fiber gratings on rare earth doped active fibers. The design of the short straight cavity guarantees on the order of GHz Free Spectral Range (FSR) to achieve single longitudinal mode selection and output.

The CoSF-D single-frequency fiber laser has a simple structural design and is easy to package to achieve long-term stable single-frequency single-longitudinal mode linear polarization output. The packaging structure is compact and has higher reliability. Connet has the core technology of DFB type phase shift grating production. After years of hard research and development, it can now provide "distributed feedback straight cavity (DFB)" single-frequency fiber lasers with almost any wavelength in the 1.0um, 1.5um and 2.0um bands. Compared with other similar products on the market, CoSF-D has better phase noise and frequency noise performance, and lower relative intensity noise (RIN).

Connet's unique temperature compensation packaging technology can ensure that CoSF-D has excellent long-term wavelength stability. The standard CoSF-D module has the function of temperature wavelength tuning, the wavelength adjustable range can reach 1nm, and the PZT fast wavelength modulation function is optional. For the low-frequency relaxation oscillation peaks unique to single-frequency fiber lasers, Connet's extra-cavity relative intensity noise (RIN) suppression technology can effectively reduce the RIN peak while not affecting the phase noise and frequency noise of single-frequency fiber lasers.

The output power of the CoSF-D single-frequency fiber laser seed source module is in the order of mW. With the low-noise high-power single-frequency fiber amplifier optimized by Connet, it can achieve a power output of the order of 100 watts.
CoSF-D DFB Single Frequency Fiber Laser